Coffee granita-How to make-Step by step photos

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Cuisine Style: Italy | Preparation Time: 10 min | Setting Time: 6 to 8 hours | To Serve: 2 | Type: Sweet, Frozen dessert, summer special


  • Coffee powder- 4 tsp [Nescafe]
  • Sugar or brown sugar - 5 tbsp
  • Water - 1 cup or 2 glass


  • Boil water, add sugar let it dissolve
  • Add coffee powder let it boil for 1 min then let it cool in room temperature
  • Pour the coffee mixture into a box & place it in the freezer for 3 hours
  • After 3 hours, remove it from freezer, using fork scrap & stir the the coffee ice crystals then freeze it again.
  • Repeat the procedure for 3 times or till set [Apr 6 to 8 hours]
  • Once its ready garnish with mint & serve immediately.

Coffee Granita variations / Types

  • You can add milk, coconut milk or almond milk

How to make Coffee granita- Step by step photos [Instant& Quick]

Boil 1 cup waterBoil 1 cup water

Add sugar [5 tbsp]Add sugar [5 tbsp]

Stir well, let it dissolveStir well, let it dissolve

Add nescafe instant coffee powderAdd nescafe instant coffee powder

Stir wellStir well

Let it boil for a minLet it boil for a min

Now its ready, cut off heatNow its ready, cut off heat

Let it cool in room temperatureLet it cool in room temperature

Pour coffee mixturePour coffee mixture

Freeze it for 3 hoursFreeze it for 3 hours

After 3 hours, remove it from freezerAfter 3 hours, remove it from freezer

Scrap and stir well, again freeze it till set [repeat the same process for 3 times]Scrap and stir well, again freeze it till set

After 8 hoursTake half fruit pineapple

Scrap and stir wellScrap and stir well

Now its readycoffee granita ready

3 ingredient coffee granita, serve immediately3 ingredient coffee granita, serve immediately

Perfect coffee granitaPerfect coffee granita

Easy coffee granitaEasy coffee granita

Homemade instant coffee granitaHomemade instant coffee granita

Perfect granitaPerfect granita

Instant & summer specialInstant & summer special

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