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3 ingredient oreo muffins [Without oven]-How to make-Step by step photos with video

3 ingredient oreo muffins By Guna selvi sivakumar

Cuisine Style : India | Preparation Time: 5 min | Cooking Time: 15 min | To Serve : 3 | Type : New year, christmas special, Snacks | Take with : Tea

Oreo muffins is simple, 5 min, no oven, 3 ingredient cupcake recipe. No eggs required. No flour required. No baking soda required. If you have 2 packets of oreo or any cream biscuits in you hand, make this super soft muffins within 15 min. You can add nuy nuts for different flavour.

Dry Ingredients

  • Oreo biscuits - 2 packets
  • Milk - 1/2 cup
  • Baking powder - 1/2 tsp


  • Grease small bowls with butter then sprinkle flour, evenly spread then remove excess flour then keep it aside.
  • Take 5 littre Aluminium pressure cooker or any 3 ltr etc.., **Remove gasket & whistle[Weight] from the pressure cooker lid
  • Then place grid then preheat for 10 min on low to flame..
  • In a mixie jar, add 2 packet oreos, milk grind to smooth batter
  • Transfer oreo batter to a bowl add baking powder, mix well without lumps
  • Pour batter to a small bowl, tap twice
  • Place it in a pressure cooker.
  • Close lid & cook for15 min on low flame.
  • Once its ready carefully remove bowls, let it cool [in room temperature] then un-mould
  • Add chocolate syrup and chocolate sprinkle
  • Then serve with tea, or coffee


  • Before preheating pressure cooker remove gasket & whistle.
  • Dont add water, salt or sand in a pressure cooker

How to make 3 ingredient oreo muffins-No oven video

How to make Yogurt chocolate muffins- Step by step photos [Instant& Quick]

Spongy oreo muffinsPerfect spongy chocolate muffins

Perfect oreo cupcakesPerfect spongy chocolate muffins

Grease small bowls with butterSpongy oreo muffins step 1

Evenly spread [to avoid sticking muffins]Spongy oreo muffins step 2

Sprinkle flourSpongy oreo muffins step 3

Evenle coatSpongy oreo muffins step 4

Pre-heat pressure cooker without gasket and whistleSpongy oreo muffins step 5

In a mixie jar add oreo biscuitsSpongy oreo muffins step 6

Coarsely grind Spongy oreo muffins step 7

Add milk grind to smooth batterSpongy oreo muffins step 8

Oreo muffin batter readySpongy oreo muffins step 9

Transfer mixture to a bowl add baking powderSpongy oreo muffins step 10

Mix well without lumpsSpongy oreo muffins step 11

Pour into small bowlsSpongy oreo muffins step 12

Place it in pre-heated pressure cookerSpongy oreo muffins step 13

Cover lid, cook for 15 min on low flameSpongy oreo muffins step 14

15 min later, spongy oreo muffins ready, remove it from cookerSpongy oreo muffins step 15

Let it coolSpongy oreo muffins step 16

Add chocolate sauceSpongy oreo muffins step 17

Add color sprinklesSpongy oreo muffins step 16

Oreo cupcake muffins ready, Serve with tea or coffeeServe with tea or coffee

Instant oreo muffins for kidsInstant oreo muffins for kids

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