Typical South Indian Meal

South Indian Meal Description Steamed RiceAppalam Vendaikai Kootu Keerai KootuCabbage PoriyalSambar Rasam Vathal Kuzhambu CurdJangiri (Sweet) Rava Kesari (Sweet)Banana ChipsPicke

  1. Rice
  2. Appalam
  3. Rava Kesari (Sweet)
  4. Jangiri (Sweet)
  5. Banana Chips
  6. Banana
  7. Picke
  8. Salt
  9. Vendaikai Kootu
  10. Keerai Kootu
  11. Cabbage Poriyal
  12. Sambar
  13. Rasam
  14. Vathal Kuzhambu
  15. Curd
  16. Water


Rice is the main dish in south indian meals. It occupeis middle of the plaintain leaf. Its is mixed by Sambar, Vathal Kuzhambu, Rasam or Curd then can be taken.

Generally readymade applam is availabe in all general stores. Thin layer of Urad dal and rice falour dried and packed. Buy from shop and just fry in pan. Appalam can be missed out for every south indian meals.

Rava Kesari (Sweet)
Its is optional sweet that adorn south indian meals. Sooji or Rava mixed with sugar and ghee gives this tasty sweet.

Jangiri (Sweet)
Its made from Urad dal. Soak and grind thick. Mix permitted color and Elachi. Deep fry like murukku and soak in jeera over night. This is also a optional sweet for south indian meals


Tamilnadu Plantain Leaf meals (Thalaivazhai ilai sappadu)

Tamilnadu Plantain Leaf Meals


Andhra Plantain Leaf meals (Andhra Thalaivazhai ilai sappadu)

Andhra Plantain leaf Meals


Kerala Plantain Leaf meals (Kerala Thalaivazhai ilai sappadu)

Kerala Plantain Meals