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Rice is the staple food for the people of South India. Consumption of wheat is less compared to North India. Most of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of this region have a generous use of coconuts, pepper, mustard seed and other spices. Generally South Indian dishes are spicy. It has brilliant blend of flavors, bright colors, smell, and taste. So, south Indian foods are enerally tasty, spicy and colorful. Moreover south Indian food is known for its medicinal value.

Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Predesh and Kerala are the four states that constitute South India. South India is hot and humid. South Indians are generally vegetarian. Andhra cuisine from Andhra Predesh is too spicy. They use more chilli and pepper. Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is rich and flavorful taste. Coconut, banana are main ingredients of Kerala food.

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Video Recipe - Sarkarai Pongal(Sweet Ghee Pongal) in Tamil

Dried Red Okra

Published on 24/02/14

Sainarayana, a young scientist shows how to celebrate Pongal. While he prepares, he explains the importance of pongal. He hopes this would bring awareness among tamilians. Keep the our tradition live.

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Video Recipe - Appam Kadala Curry

Appam Kadala Curry

Published on 23/11/13

When I had a plan to share my first video recipe I wanted to show something unique and different. So I used mud stove with wooden stick, casting-iron appam pan & mud utensils etc., Enjoy the Appam Kadala Curry...

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Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Published on 29/08/13

When my son rejected Keerai Porial, I offered him chapatti with the rich green gravy with white cubes float. He asked me what it was. I said with smile “Palak Paneer”. His eyebrows rose in surprise and said “Wow”.

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Video Recipe - Sigappu Vendakai Vathal (Dried red Okra)

Dried Red Okra

Published on 04/01/14

The dried okra available in the market will not be tasty as you would expect. Some of the main ingredients are missing in the okra processing. I have included those missing ingredients. Watch out!

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    Food Astrology

    This Appam Kadala Curry recipe prepared in completely outdoor. Natural utensils are used for cooking and wooden sticks for fire. There were many challenges when prepared at the outdoor without using gas stove.

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  • Food Calorie Chart

    South Indian Food Calorie Chart

    Know your Calorie values of some common Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and some common food items. Remember, intake of one course meal should be around 800 Calories. Know more about what you need to eat...

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  • Ingredients Gallery

    Ingredients Gallery

    Indian recipes demand large range of ingredients even for simple recipe. All ingredients have medicinal value in it. Some of the ingredients heal food poison, cure fever and prevent cancer. Here are the photos.

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